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Method for introducing perceptual criteria to region
of interest coding
Jaime Moreno 1 , 2 ; Oswaldo Morales 1 ; Ricardo Tejeida 1
1 Superior School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, National Polytechnic
Institute of Mexico, IPN Avenue, Lindavista, Mexico City, Mexico
2 Signal, Image and Communications Department, University of Poitiers, Poitiers, France
This work describes perceptual generalized bitplane-by-bitplane shift (ρGBbBShift) a perceptual method
for coding of region of interest (ROI) and it is based on Moreno et al. (2013) [ 1 ]. Then, this article intro-
duces perceptual criteria to the GBbBShift method when bit planes of ROI and background areas are shif-
ted. This additional feature is intended for balancing perceptual importance of some coefficients regard-
less of their numerical importance. Perceptual criteria are applied using a contrast band-pass iltering,
which is a low-level computational model that reproduces color perception in the human visual system.
Results show that there is no perceptual difference at ROI between the MaxShift method and ρGBbBShift
and, at the same time, perceptual quality of the entire image is improved when using ρGBbBShift. Fur-
thermore, when ρGBbBShift method is applied to H i -SET coder and it is compared against MaxShift
method applied to both the JPEG2000 standard and the H i -SET, the images coded by the combination
ρGBbBShift-H i -SET get the best results when the overall perceptual image quality is estimated. The
ρpGBbBShift method is a generalized algorithm that can be applied to other Wavelet-based image com-
pression algorithms such as JPEG2000, SPIHT, or SPECK.
Bitplane coding
Bitplane-by-bitplane shift
Generalized bitplane-by-bitplane shift
H i -SET
Image coding
Maximum shift
Region of interest
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