Image Processing Reference
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Transformations in Equations (3) and (4) are applied to the value of each component, i.e.,
value variable and the result depends on the contrast scale, i.e., contrast variable.
Figure 10 spots the two of the four left possible cases shown in Figure 8 (the first two of
them were already discussed and matched with the condition in Equation (7c) . More exactly,
Figure 10 shows the visual representation of the cases which fulfill the condition in Equation
(8c) .
FIGURE 10 Possible cases for the condition in Equation (8c) to be fulfilled.
In case the condition in Equation (8c) is not fulfilled, the two left cases that were not dis-
cussed before, out of six spoted in Figure 8 , are shown in Figure 11 .
FIGURE 11 Possible cases while condition in Equation (8c) is not fulfilled.
It was not said before what happens if the condition (6c) is not met and this will be the ap-
propriate time to be speaking about this. Well, if the condition is not fulfilled, another condi-
tion is being tested as shown in Equation (9c) .
If neither (9c) is fulfilled, no transformation will be applied to the Blue component of the
pixel with coordinates ( x − 2, y − 2). If Equation (9c) is met, the condition in Equation (8c) will
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