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4 Experimental results
For the sake of showing that the encoded VFWs are approximately equal to the decoded ones,
that is,
, we perform two experiments.
4.1 Based on Histogram
Histogram of α ( ν , r ) and . The process of this short experiment is shown in Figure
5 . Figure 5(a) depicts the process for obtaining losslessy both encoded and decoded visual
weights for the 512 × 512 Lena image, Channel Y at 10 m. While Figure 5(b) and (c) shows the
frequency histograms of α ( ν , r ) and , respectively. In both graphs, the horizontal axis
represents the sort of VFW variations, whereas the vertical axis represents the number of re-
petitions in that particular VFW. The distribution in both histograms is similar and they have
the same shape.
FIGURE 5 (a) Graphical representation of a whole process of compression and decompres-
sion. histograms of (b) α ( ν , r ) and (c)
visual frequency weights for the 512 × 512 im-
age Lenna , channel Y at 10 m.
4.2 Correlation Analysis
Correlation analysis between α ( ν , r ) and
. We employ the process shown in Figure 5(a)
for all the images of the CMU, CSIQ, and IVC image databases. In order to obtain
, we
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