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Submit Buttons
Forms won't do us much good if they can't be submitted, so we'll need a submit button designed to go along with the
Just like the text input, use the rounded rectangle tool with the border radius set to 6px .
Create a box 310px wide by 54px tall and set it to the dark color ( #1F1B0C ). This will be the
base of your button.
Next, use the Text tool with the following settings:
Font: Cooper Black
Size: 30 pt
Tracking: -50
Color: #FBF7E7
Antialiasing: Strong
Use the text Create Your Room and center the text on the submit button.
To give it a little dimension, open the Layer Style panel and add a drop shadow using the
dark color ( #1F1B0C ) at 30% opacity, angled at 135º, and set at a size of 10px (see Figure 6-13 ).
Figure 6-13. The submit button with a subtle drop shadow
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