HTML and CSS Reference
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setting the blending mode to normal ensures that the drop shadow translates well to hTML/Css. Although
blending modes are in the works 5 (hopefully soon), they're not currently supported by Css3, and therefore should be
avoided in web layouts for the time being.
Use 135º for drop shadows so that the X and Y offsets are the same in Css. This, typically, looks just fine and
prevents inconsistencies between the shadow in Photoshop and the shadow on the Web.
Finally, the input needs a style for labels, which will give the user an idea of what she's
supposed to enter in the field. This will be a small text field at the top right of the input, set
to the following:
Font: News Gothic Bold
Tracking: 25
Color: #1F1B0C
Antialiasing: Strong
Use the text Tell us your name (so attendees know who you are) . Align it with the input,
and your input is complete (see Figure 6-12 ).
Figure 6-12. The label for the input completes the styling
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