HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
For the header, select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle that is 1024px wide and
240px tall. Align it with the top and left of the document.
Next, select the Horizontal Type Tool and draw a text area on the page that will contain the
main headline. Open the Character panel and put in the following settings:
Font: Cooper Black
Size: 110 pt
Tracking: -80
Color: #FBF7E7
Antialiasing: Strong
Add the title of the app, Realtime Q&A , and center it in the header.
To add the subhead line, use the Horizontal Type Tool to draw another text area below the
headline. In the Character panel, change the settings to the following:
Font: News Gothic Light
Size: 18 pt
Tracking: 100
Color: #FBF7E7
Antialiasing: Strong
Add the subtitle, A live feedback system for classes, presentations, and conferences .
Save your work so far; you've now got the app's header (see Figure 6-6 ).
Figure 6-6. The work in progress with the header designed
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