HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 6-4. With the strong antialiasing type, the fonts matches more closely
To change the antialiasing mode in Photoshop, select the text layer (or layers; this can be changed in bulk without
affecting other settings) and open the Character panel. At the bottom right, there is a drop-down menu that
probably has smooth selected by default. Change it to strong and you're all set (see Figure 6-5 ).
Figure 6-5. Changing the antialiasing of type in Photoshop
Designing the Common Site Elements
Armed with your colors and fonts, you can start designing. In Photoshop, create a new document at 1024px wide by
840px tall. Start by setting the background to the light color, #FBF7E7 .
Creating the Header
The first element to design is the header, which will be set apart from the body of the design with the dark color,
#1F1B0C , as its background color.
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