HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Questions Table
The questions table will store a question's unique ID, the room to which it belongs, the question text, and whether or
not it's been answered (see Table 5-9 ).
Table 5-9. questions Table
Question Votes Table
The question _ votes table will store the question's ID and the current vote count (see Table 5-10 ).
Table 5-10. question_votes Table
Room Owners Table
The Room_owners table will store the IDs of the room and the presenter (see Table 5-11 ).
Table 5-11. room_owners Table
Putting Everything Together in a Wireframe
At this point, we have most of our planning completed; all that's left is to wireframe the app quickly to get a general
idea of the layout.
Organizing the Home Page
The home page needs to serve two purposes in order to meet the needs of our two user roles.
First, it needs to provide a way for a presenter to create a new room. This will require a form that asks for the
necessary information.
Second, attendees need to be able to join a room if they don't have a direct link to the session. This also requires a
form that will accept the room's ID.
In addition to the two forms, there should also be a header to identify the app and a footer to provide additional
information, such as copyright.
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