HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5-2. Three screens showing the reflowed content from left to right
to see the layout in action and review the full source code of the above exercise, visit .
Clickable Areas and Fat Fingers
Another difference when designing apps that will be used on mobile devices is the loss of precision when clicking
(or tapping). If you've ever tried to use a website on your phone that was designed for full-sized browsers only, you
may have experienced the frustration of trying to tap a link displayed in a list, but accidentally selecting the wrong one
because your finger was too big to be precise.
For that reason, your user interface should feature big buttons and ensure that links have enough space around
them to ensure users can click them easily, even with fat fingers.
Effects and Animations
To make the app feel like it is responding to user actions, you'll also be implementing effects and animations,
including code to indicate which input or control a user has selected (including keyboard control) and simple
animations to signify that a requested action has been performed.
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