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In-Depth Information
Chapter 5
Determining the App's Functionality
and Structure
Now that we know we're building a web app and have our tools at the ready, we can start really planning the app's
functionality. . In this chapter, you will:
Define what the app does
Determine how users will interact with it (and what will differ based on a user's role)
Come up with a plan for the site's back-end code and database
Figure out a structure for the front end
Create a simple wireframe for the app
By the end of this chapter, you should have a very clear idea of how the app will be built; this should eliminate
wasted development hours and help keep the app on track.
What Does the App Do?
Before we can plan anything, you need a very clear and concise feature list. This will keep our feature list in check
and help avoid any scope creep as you start designing and developing.
Give the App a Mission Statement
Let's start with a high-level overview of the app that should direct all the decisions you make regarding the app's
In one short paragraph, let's figure out how to describe the app:
This is a simple Q&A web app to allow attendees of a given event to ask questions of the presenter
and confirm that a question by another attendee is relevant to them as well, all in real time. In
addition, the presenter should have a list of questions and the number of people asking each, from
which she can mark a question answered as she gives the answer to the group.
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