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Now that we have our variables, let's insert them into the <time> tag by inserting the following in our markup:
<h1><em>Realtime Web Apps</em> &ndash; Exercise 02-04</h1>
Published on
<time datetime=" <?php echo $datetime; ?> ">
<?php echo $date_fmt; ?>
save this file; then load it in your browser to see the current date displayed (see Figure 2-4 ).
Figure 2-4. Using PHP, the current date is output in the markup
MySQL is a database management system—a relational database management system (RDBMS) to be precise—that is
the most widely used on the planet. It provides an easy-to-read syntax for storing and retrieving data from tables, and
that allows developers to create applications that can store data such as user settings and, in the case of our app, room
names and questions.
Why Do We Need It?
Certain pieces of data—such as the names of rooms and the questions that have been asked—will need to be stored in
a database for later retrieval:
The details of a room: Details such as room name and session information so the presenter
can come back to the room at a later date for reference.
The questions asked in each room: This allows a new attendee to join late and not miss anything.
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