HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
* Generated HTML markup to display the user's profile image
* @var string
* The current logged in state
* @var bool
protected $logged_in = FALSE,
* The user access token or FALSE if none is set
* @var mixed
$access_token = FALSE;
in order to save space and focus only on the relevant code, code outside the class definition will be
omitted, and code within the class not relevant to the current example will be folded with comments omitted. new code
will be shown in bold.
$service_auth_endpoint , $service_token_endpoint , and $client_auth_endpoint
will store uRis pointing to each endpoint required for user authorization.
$scope stores the permissions requested by the app.
$client_id and $client_secret store your app's credentials (obtained by registering your
app with the service provider).
$id , $username , $name , and $email store data about the user.
$profile_image stores htML markup to display the user's profile image.
$logged_in stores a Boolean value indicating whether the user is currently logged in.
$access_token stores the access token acquired from the service provider after successful
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