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// Makes sure the session is started
if (!session_id()) {
* An abstract class for handling the basics of OAuth 2.0 authorization
* @author Jason Lengstorf
* @copyright 2012 Jason Lengstorf
abstract class RWA_OAuth
Because using OAuth requires the app to request external uRis to function properly, the cURL extension is
required. this script uses extension_loaded() to verify that cURL support is available, or throw s an Exception
if not.
it's possible to work around lack of cURL support, 4 but that's outside the scope of this exercise.
next, it checks for an active session id and starts a session if none is found.
the class is called RWA_OAuth (there may be other classes that are called “OAuth” so the RWA_ prefix is used to
prevent class naming conflicts ). it's abstract, which means that it cannot be instantiated directly; in other words,
another class must extend RWA_OAuth before its methods and properties can be accessed.
Class properties
With the class declared, we can now define all the class properties:
abstract class RWA_OAuth
* The service's auth endpoint
* @var string
public $service_auth_endpoint,
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