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What to Do with the Access Token
With the access token, your app can now make requests for the user's info from the Facebook API. Because it only
requested e-mail in additional to basic user info, your app will not be able to look at the users' stream, make posts on
their behalf, or do anything advanced. It provides your app with everything it needs for authentication and a bit of
profile personalization.
To load the user's info, simply use one of Facebook's API endpoints (in this example, we load the basic user info
from the Graph API) and pass along the access token in access_token:
Loading this with a valid access token will generate a JSON-encoded output something like this:
"id": "1468448880",
"name": "Jason Lengstorf",
"first_name": "Jason",
"last_name": "Lengstorf",
"link": " " ,
"username": "jlengstorf",
"hometown": {
"id": "109281049091287",
"name": "Whitefish, Montana"
"location": {
"id": "112548152092705",
"name": "Portland, Oregon"
"bio": " I\u2019m a turbogeek from Portland. I design and develop websites, and sometimes I draw
pictures of stuff.\n\nI\u2019ve written two books (check 'em out here: ) , and
I\u2019ve written articles on development and design for Nettuts, CSS Tricks, and Smashing Magazine,
among others.",
"quotes": "That dog'll hunt.",
"work": [
"employer": {
"id": "169249483097082",
"name": "Copter Labs"
"position": {
"id": "137221592980321",
"name": "Developer"
"description": "Making the web a better-looking place.",
"start_date": "2010-12"
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