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Figure 10-8. When voting for the top question using the browser on the left, the animation is triggered in the browser to
the right
Answering a Question with Animation and Reordering
When a question is marked as answered, it should fade out and then be removed from the list (by an animated slide
up) and reattached to the bottom (also by an animated slide) to make room for the unanswered questions.
Add the following code shown in bold to init.js to make it happen:
(function($) {
channel.bind('close', function(data){ room.close(data); });
channel.bind('open', function(data){; });
channel.bind('ask', function(data){ question.ask(data); });
channel.bind('vote', function(data){; });
channel.bind('answer', function(data){ question.answer(data); });
var nonce = $('input[name=nonce]:eq(0)').val(),
room = {
open: function(data){
close: function(data){
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