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Adding the Room View
Using the room markup from Chapter 7, create the room view by adding the following code to a new file located
at system/views/ :
<h2> <?php echo $room_name; ?> </h2>
Presented by <?php echo $presenter; ?>
(<a href="mailto: <?php echo $email; ?> ">email</a>)
<?php echo $controls; ?>
<?php echo $ask_form; ?>
<ul id="questions" class=" <?php echo $questions_class; ?> ">
<?php echo $questions; ?>
This markup generates everything needed to show a room and its questions for both attendees and presenters.
Showing the Ask Form
The ask form requires a new view, which will be loaded by a new method in the Room class. If you remember, the ask
form generation was already handled by the Question controller, so the new method will simply invoke the
output_ask_form() method on the Question controller.
Add the following bold code to the Room controller:
$view->controls = $this->output_presenter_controls();
$view->questions = $this->output_questions();
* Shows the "ask a question" form or a notice that the room has ended
* @param $email string The presenter's email address
* @return string Markup for the form or notice
protected function output_ask_form( )
$controller = new Question(array($this->room_id));
return $controller->output_ask_form(
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