HTML and CSS Reference
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p {
text-align: center;
margin: 0 365px 2em 0;
padding: 0 6em;
Next, make it obvious that the questions are no longer interactive by reducing their opacity to .2. Remove the
active and hover states from the button to make sure it doesn't appear to be clickable. Add the #questions.closed
rules to the end of the “Questions View” section in main.css :
#questions.closed { opacity: .4; }
#questions.closed .vote { opacity: .2; }
#questions.closed .vote input:active,
#questions.closed .vote input:hover,
#questions.closed .vote input:focus {
background-position: left top;
cursor: default;
Reload your browser; you see the questions fade, and the “vote” button appears disabled (Figure 7-24 ).
Figure 7-24. The completed closed room view
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