HTML and CSS Reference
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footer li {
font-family: 'NewsGothicNo.2W01-Light 710401';
font-size: .75em;
line-height: 1em;
letter-spacing: .04em;
color: #fbf7e7;
footer li em {
font-family: 'NewsGothicNo.2W01-Light 710404';
font-style: normal;
there are two rules set up for h1 right now. this is intentional because later in the design there will be other
elements added to the first rule that should not receive the styles from the second set.
If you load index.html in your browser at this point, it won't look right until you add a dark background
(see Figure 7-5 ).
Figure 7-5. The markup with only the font styling rules applied
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