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If you view this in your browser, it makes sense semantically (see Figure 7-3 ). This should be a secondary goal for
the app: if all the styles are ripped away, is it still legible?
Figure 7-3. The unstyled header markup
The Footer Markup
Similar to the header, the footer is semantically simple. It breaks down to a box with legal copy and a couple of links.
Because copy like that makes sense in a list, let's use an unordered list to display it inside the <footer> element. Add
the code in bold to the body of index.html :
<h1>Realtime Q&amp;A</h1>
<p class="tagline">
A live feedback system for classes, presentations, and conferences.
<li class="copyright">
&copy; 2013 Jason Lengstorf &amp; Phil Leggetter
Part of <em>Realtime Web Apps: HTML5 Websockets, Pusher, and the
Web&rsquo;s Next Big Thing</em>.
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