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Designing the Closed Room View
The closed room view is very similar to the standard attendee view, with two notable exceptions:
The ask-a-question form has been replaced with a notice about the room being closed.
The questions have been faded to 60% opacity (and the vote button to 15% opacity) to make it
visually apparent that this room is closed.
Aside from those two changes, the closed room view barely changes at all (see Figure 6-19 ).
Figure 6-19. The closed room view
Designing the Presenter View
Finally, the app needs a presenter view. This, again, is very similar to the attendee view with a few exceptions:
The ask-a-question form is removed because the presenter doesn't need to ask herself a
A link to the room is present so the presenter can easily share the room with whomever she
There is a button to close the room.
The vote button is removed, and in its place—albeit on the right of the question instead of the
left—is a button to mark the question answered.
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