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However, this form is still missing something. Let's add a headline and a snippet of descriptive copy to make it
very clear what this form is for. Start by adding a headline above the form with the following settings:
Font: Cooper Black
Size: 48 pt
Tracking: -50
Color: #1F1B0C
Antialiasing: Strong
Simply use the text Presenting? for the headline, which poses a clear question to the user that should quickly
direct him to the proper form. Give this a little dimension by adding the same drop shadow as you used on the submit
buttons: color #1F1B0C at 30% opacity, 135º, and a size of 10px.
You can quickly and easily copy layer styles to other elements by right-clicking (or Control + clicking) on the
layer in the Layers panel that has the styles to be copied; then selecting Copy Layer style from the context menu. After
it's copied, right-click on the layer to which you want to apply the styles; then select Paste Layer style from the context
menu, and the styles will be applied. This will save you hours when a finicky client wants to see multiple variations of
every element of the design.
Next, add a bit of copy below the headline that says, Create a room to start your Q&A session. Use the following
Font: News Gothic Roman
Size: 24 pt
Tracking: 25
Color: #1F1B0C
Center the headline and copy above the form, and you should now have a finished form for creating a new room
(see Figure 6-15 ).
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