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From here, take a detour southeast via Yuanmingyuan Road to the Bund Tea Company ,
see 1 , for tea and snacks; it's about two blocks south on Dianchi Road. Carry on to Central
Sichuan Road and walk three blocks to the beautiful Beaux Arts Georgian Guangdong
Development Bank (Guangdong Fazhang Yinhang) at No. 261, with its distinctive octagonal
tower. The former Joint Savings Society Building, it was designed by László Hudec in 1926.
A block west stands the 1866 Holy Trinity Cathedral (219 Jiujiang Road), a classic Goth-
ic Revival building built in eye-catching red brick, hence the Chinese name 'Hong Miao' (Red
Temple). Next to the church is the former Cathedral School for Boys, where JG Ballard, au-
thor of Empire of the Sun , attended primary school.
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