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the Consul's residence until 1949. The buildings are closed to the public, but visitors can still
enjoy the beautiful landscaped gardens.
Continue south past the neighbouring Peninsula Shanghai (Bandao Dajiudian). This
newly-built Art Deco Revival hotel marks the return of the Kadoories, one of the great Seph-
ardic Jewish families of old Shanghai, to the city where they made their fortune.
Three doors down is the House of Roosevelt (Luosifu) at No. 27, a grand granite-clad
building built in 1922 as the Shanghai seat of Jardine Matheson & Co., the most important
British trading company in the Far East. Today, it's home to several restaurants and a private
club. Be sure to take in the stunning view from the eighth floor of Shanghai old and new.
Another three doors down, the 1937 Bank of China 3 [map] (Zhongguo Yinhang), at No.
23, is the only Bund building with Chinese ornamentation, the only one designed by a
Chinese architect (Lu Qianshou) and one of the city's best examples of Chinese Art Deco ar-
chitecture. It was from its vaults that Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek emptied the coun-
try's gold reserves and shipped them to Taiwan as he prepared to abandon the mainland in
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