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Whether you're after an early-morning breakfast of crispy fried
crullers or a late-night snack of plump steamed dumplings, you've
come to the right place - Shanghai is a city that loves to eat 24
hours a day.
For sheer variety alone, Shanghai is one of the best places to eat in the whole of China. Din-
ing choices range from miniature hole-in-the-wall eateries, where you squat on tiny stools to
slurp your meal from plastic bowls, to swanky restaurants helmed by global culinary stars.
Over the past decade, famous chefs have poured in from around the world, transforming
Shanghai into an international dining destination. The diversity is breathtaking, with culinary
treats on offer from Africa, Brazil, India, Europe and Southeast Asia. There's also an impress-
ive array of Chinese regional cuisines - from Yunnan to Xinjiang and Guangdong to Dongbei
- plus, of course, plenty of Shanghai's own oily-sweet fare.
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