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Chinese musicians in a teahouse
For one of the loveliest gardens anywhere, head east for about a block and a half from Jiayin
Hall to the Retreat and Reflection Garden 4 [map] (Tuisi Yuan), a World Heritage site. Im-
perial court official Ren Lansheng created the garden in 1886, naming it after a favourite say-
ing of Chinese officials: 'When in office, one should be loyal to the Emperor; when away from
office, one should meditate on his faults'. The 6,600-sq m (71,000-sq ft) garden is indeed a
calming retreat, dotted with ponds filled with carp, ancient, shady trees, bonsais and flower-
ing plants. The family home is in the western part of the garden, the living rooms in the
centre, and a scenic garden with pavilions, walkways and rock gardens in the east.
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