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Shanghai After Dark
Begin your night at the dramatic Shanghai Grand Theatre 1 [map] (Shanghai Dajuyuan;
300 People's Avenue; tickets: 6372 3833; ). This modern 1,800-seat
theatre features a wide variety of shows. Big names such as Tan Dun perform here, as do
local drama groups, symphony orchestras, Chinese opera and dance troupes. Try to catch a
performance of the Shanghai Ballet's Revolution-era White-Haired Girl , which celebrates its
50th anniversary in 2014.
East from the Grand Theatre is the Yifu Theatre 2 [map] (Yifu Wutai; 701 Fuzhou Road; tel:
6360 3195). Originally (and officially) known as the Tianchan Theatre, this is Shanghai's old-
est Chinese opera house. Once hailed as the largest theatre in the Far East, it has featured
Peking opera performances since its establishment in 1925. A new 1,000-seat, two-storey
theatre with modern facilities was added in 1994. Located just across from Raffles City shop-
ping centre, the theatre hosts troupes from around the country, but the highlight is its own
Shanghai Peking opera troupe.
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