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Figure 5: A cup in the MediaCups project [7].
3.2 ActiveSpaces
ActiveSpaces [10] uses a set of wide displays, for instance, the InfinityWall,
thus creating an immersive space, intuitive and natural, where any interaction
with digital systems can be simplified and expanded by AR.
The initial project was developed by the Future Lab group at the Argonne
National Laboratory of Chicago University. Next, it became a research topic
for many other corporations and institutes worldwide.
The ActiveSpaces project operates on a working environment by com-
bining existing infrastructures with new advanced computer technologies.
The goal is to arrange augmented working environments that give the feeling
of entering a shared environment also connected to other working environ-
ments. This can allow research groups to investigate on huge data spaces by
an interactive and visual way.
3.3 Access Grid
Access Grid [11] is complementary to ActiveSpaces, where it enhances its
communication section. Access Grid is meant to be a resource set aimed to
facilitate interaction among remote working groups.
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