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projectors; however, these problems can be solved by using calibrated
video cameras.
2.7 SID (spatially immersive display)
SID is a typically large display which enriches an environment with digital
images. An SID system is usually arranged with multiple front or rear
projection display.
One of the most known SID is CAVE (which is the recursive acronym of
cave automatic virtual environment), a system which uses rear projectors to
arrange 3D immersive environments [4]. A stereoscopic view is achieved by
alternating images for left and right eyes which are adapted according to
viewer's head position. A subsequent simplification is Immersadesk [5], which
uses table size displays, giving a good degree of full interactive immersion [6].
Further advancements allowed designers to implement tile displays which
were arranged by placing several displays one beside the other. ActiveMural is
an example of these systems which are mainly aimed to reproduce huge
environments under normal light conditions. ┬ÁMural is a mobile solution which
implements boundary merging for better image quality. Finally, InfinityWall is
based on only one high-definition big screen, which avoids the need for big
control panels, thus making user interactions with the system simple and natural.
2.8 Augmented tools
AR can be also pursued by enriching usual tools with some processing
capabilities in addition to their original feature and usage mode.
An example of such AR kind is MediaCups, an ordinary coffee cup which
is invisibly augmented with sensors, processing unit and communication
devices [7]. In the same category, we can find smart labels for door, clocks
and everything that fantasy can suggest.
Augmented objects in the same environment can communicate, interact
and share environmental digital information between them. Daily use object
computer augmentation will not evolve to look like computers; they will
preserve their original features in addition to what embedded digital
processing can do [8]. Of course, augmented tools can suitably work only in
augmented environments which they can interact with.
AR and VW projects
It is often hard to say where VW ends and AR starts. They share common
boundaries where the two ideas are undistinguishable. We could assert AR is
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