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Computer services become contextual or context-aware. They perform
according to modalities and contents that depend on context elements such
as who, where, when and why. When we use a context-aware service we
perceive something different from any another person who might use the
same service. According to what is written in some personal profile of ours,
we feel just the elements of reality that fit our interests or wishes. There will
be as many digital realities as we are. It will depend on us whether to take a
look on other's realities.
Once provided the environment with suitable digital equipments,
pervasive systems implementation can be carried out basing on hybrid entity
working models. Human-computer interaction then evolves and becomes
human-environment interaction up to augmented human-human interaction.
This topic deals with those models and technologies that put together the
bases of pervasive systems. On a conceptual plane, we deal with disappear-
ing hardware and augmented reality . For technologies, we spend some words
on wearable computer and wireless communication . And for principles of
operation, we investigate on positioning , security , human-environment
interaction and service discovery . Throughout this topic we will take into
consideration some applications of the ones we can find in literature, for
instance, those for heritage sites and for positioning.
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