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87 30'E
87 45'E
Ausgram Block I & II Burdwan District
23 35'N
23 35'N
23 30'N
23 30'N
Surface Water Potential
23 25'N
Maximum Surface Water Potential Zone
Moderate Surface Water Potential Zone
Minimum Surface Water Potential Zone
8 Km
87 30'E
87 35'E
87 40'E
Fig. 7 Surface water potential zone map ( Source : Author's Calculation)
India is facing the problem of water scarcity for agriculture, domestic and other
purposes almost every year. The problem varies both in its spatial and temporal
scale. In the present study, only agriculture has been taken into consideration
because agriculture is the main source of income for the local people in Ausgram I
and II blocks. Present paper has selected some geomorphic attributes and analysed
them i.e., Ruggedness Index (RI), Relative Relief (RR), Drainage Density (DD),
Slope and Frequency of Surface Water Bodies (FSWB) of the region.
Present study has identified three surface water harvesting potential zones in
Ausgram block, i.e., Maximum Surface Water Harvesting Potential Zone (13 %),
Moderate Surface Water Harvesting Potential Zone (6 %) and Minimum Surface
Water Harvesting Potential Zone (81 %). The presence of water resource dictates the
nature and extension of primary economic activities. Some part of the study area is
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