HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Grid Template Layout and Grid Layout
Many ofthese techniques and more are discussed in Peter Gasston'sarticle for .net magazine.
For beginners, the official specifications will probably be too much for you to handle. But
at least take a quick look so you can get familiar with features that will slowly start gaining
wider browser support.
The layout for each section of our website is now in place. We've covered a lot of ground
here, including a quick intro to the box model, the difference between block and inline ele-
ments, float-based layouts, positioning, and a brief look at responsive design.
By now you'll be keen to see some color and style added to our page. In the next two chapters
we'll learn a whole slew of CSS features that will really perk up our sample website.
[2] F or a discussion of the different methods to clear floats, and why overflow: hidden
can cause problems, see .
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