HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
sure that the Normalize.css styles work correctly, this file has to be referenced first, prior to
any other CSS we add. This ensures that any styles we add later in the CSS will override
whatever is in our Normalize.css file.
Note: The HTML5 Shiv
You'llprobablynoticeinourHTMLthatwe'veincludeda <script> tagthat
references a file called HTML5shiv. This is necessary to enable older versions
of Internet Explorer to apply CSS to all HTML5 tags. For more information
on this, see this article by Remy Sharp.
Now that we have that basic foundation in place, let's look at our RecipeFinder graphic again
and decide how we want to divide up our page. Then we'll choose some CSS selectors to at-
tach to declaration blocks that we'll populate throughout the topic.
Notice in Figure 1.2 the different sections of the website have been overlaid with colors, so
you can envision roughly how the HTML structure will be defined.
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