HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 6.5. Editing in Sublime Text
This topic, however, is far too short to describe the true power of these kinds of applications.
Try a good text editor out (even those that cost offer free trials), and fiddle with the features
to really understand how good they are. Don't have the time for this? Try searching online
for tutorials that describe the features of the text editor you're considering. The bottom line is
that learning CSS isn't complete without a tool to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. A good
text editor will look after this, and will allow you to focus on getting the job done as quickly
and efficiently as possible.
it can be a headache at times, view every debugging session as a learning experience that will
make you a better developer in the future.
Learn to do many of the tricks mentioned in this chapter, and you'll notice your CSS skills
will improve dramatically with every project. Debugging CSS can actually be fun, especially
when you understand why problems occur and start to apply the most productive and future-
proof techniques to solve them.
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