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Forexample, perhapsthere'sanissueinoneofseveral columnsinareallycomplicated layout
(where each column contains all sorts of content, such as images, text, headings, and so on).
To figure out what's wrong, we can try to reduce the content in that column and see if the
problem persists.
Maybe we have a two-column layout and the problem area is in column two. We can try re-
the problem with, to see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, then we can try removing the HTML
and/or CSS in column one, and see if that helps.
CSS comments will often come in handy in a case like that, so instead of deleting CSS,
styles again once the issue has been chased down.
By systematically removing as much as possible while leaving only the problem HTML and/
or CSS in place, it's easier to identify what causes the problem to go away. From here it's
possible to narrow down even further by reducing single declaration blocks and, if necessary,
by reducing single declarations.
Get Help Online
Even experienced developers cannot solve every problem immediately and without help. To
resolve CSS issues, first remember that Google, as they say, is your best friend. Whatever
problem you're having, it's almost certain that another user has had the same issue.
Type the problem into Google and see what results come back. Try entering the problem in
the form of a question, or as a statement. For example: “How do I center multiple divs?” or
“Right column falls below left column when using floats.”
One website that'll almost certainly come up in many search results when looking for solu-
tions to CSS problems is Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer website
frequented by thousands of experienced developers.
Another excellent source for finding answers to problems you're encountering in your CSS is
the CSS section of the SitePoint forums. There are thousands of archived forum posts to mine
for information, and its membership includes a number of experienced CSS developers who
are more than happy to help with problems.
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