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Validating CSS
When encountering a problem in your CSS, it may help to ensure that your code is as valid
as possible. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a standards body that decides what
is and isn't valid in CSS. W3C produce an online validation system that lists all the errors it
finds in submitted CSS. This is a good way to ensure that any problem isn't due to a coding
error. The CSS validator enables users to validate their CSS using three options: by a URL
(which is a link to the website in question), by uploading a CSS file, or by copying and past-
ing CSS into a text box. Use the latter option for any website you're working on that's only
available on your local computer.
Now that we're done with RecipeFinder, we can use CSS Validator to see if there are any
errors in our code. Figure 6.1 shows the result we achieve.
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