HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 5.15. RecipeFinder displayed using an online responsive design testing tool
Of course, a tool like this is only a guide and will not look and function the same as a mobile
device. It's much preferable to test your projects on as many real devices as possible, but if
budgets are small and the necessary hardware is hard to come by, these types of online tools
are better than nothing.
At last, RecipeFinder is complete! We've looked at a number of cool techniques that can help
add some life to our pages. With CSS gradients, animations, and transitions, we no longer
have to resort to large unwieldy scripts and other troublesome techniques.
We've also scratched the surface of flexible layouts by making RecipeFinder responsive to
different browser windows and device widths.
In the final chapter , you'll learn all about ways to debug and solve problems in code as
quickly and as efficiently as possible.
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