HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
color: #801c48;
.footer-3 li {
line-height: 1.7;
Again, all familiar properties, and we've repeated the same line-height value on the list
notice that there needs to be some space between the top of the footer and the content above
it (specifically the Discover More Recipes button). Let's correct that now by adding a declar-
ation to our .main rule set:
.main {
padding-bottom: 33px;
This rule set originally held a margin and width declaration that we later switched to a
.center-global class in Chapter 2.
Adding Styles to Text in the Sidebar
The last change we'll make to RecipeFinder, in this chapter, is to add some styles to the text
on the “Most Popular” and “Yummy Tweets” sections, found in the sidebar, in line with the
original design. Let's first address the "Most Popular" section, adding to the layout styles we
started to define in Chapter 2 :
.rating {
float: left;
clear: left;
padding-top: 4px;
padding-right: 15px;
width: 45px;
color: #810430;
font-size: 13px;
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