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Figure 4.5. Each font on Google Web Fonts has an Add to Collection option
This adds the font to a temporary collection that we can download at any time. Now do the
same for the Lato font: search for it, and then add it to your collection.
After adding these two fonts, you should see a message at the bottom of the screen that says
“2 font families in your Collection”. You should also see a link at the top right portion of the
window that says “Download yourCollection”. Click the download button, andyou'll see the
message shown in Figure 4.6 .
Figure 4.6. A warning about downloading the fonts
Ignore the warning next to the red exclamation mark. That's just a reminder that you don't
have to actually download the fonts, since Google hosts them for you, and lets you embed
them with the <link> tag, as shown in the previous section. However, on this occasion,
we're going to do this manually purely to learn the process. So ignore the warning and con-
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