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Fig. 8 Examples of interactive visualization: a correlation matrix that visualizes relationships
between variables (e.g. air temperature and soil salinization). Source Edgar Anderson,
b streamgraph showing a time series of variable development based on relative area change
(e.g. water quality variables: conductivity, pH, etc.). Source Lee Byron and Martin Wattenberg,
c calendar chart showing colour-coded soil moisture at a certain day. Source Rick Wicklin and
Robert Allison, d chord diagram showing relationships between different groups of entities (e.g.
political relationships). Source Martin Krzywinski, and e interactive tool ' Urban Water Explorer '
that illustrates water resources, quality of life index and urban population. Source Jan Willem
Tulp, http://www.visualizing.org/visualizations/urban-water-explorer ; all illustrations created
using D3.js library, images obtained from https://github.com/mbostock/d3/wiki/Gallery
Nowadays, traditional data plotting methods become interactive and web-based,
examples are given in Fig. 8 (e.g. with D3.js open source tool). The interactivity
and visually accessible/catchy design makes them increasingly interesting for
education and decision-makers for understanding the relationships of processes and
temporal dependent changes. Networks, interactive or not, are adequate visualiza-
tion techniques for illustrating any kind of water service relationships (e.g. network
of water suppliers). Useful open source tools to create several types of networks are
D3.js (Fig. 8 ) and Gephi. The
shows how these tools can
be used to inform the public interactively through combination of several visuali-
zation tools and statistics (Fig. 8 e). The
Urban Water Explorer
presents statistics
about the amount of annual renewable water sources, quality of life index and urban
population of each country.
For public education purposes, infographics can be a powerful conceptual
illustration method of complex environmental, socio-economic or political issue.
Infographics combine visual and textual components that make it easier to transport
the desired statement of a speci
Urban Water Explorer
c issue by the editor to the target group through
limiting the space of interpretation.
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