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Figure2.18 Visible (left) and MWIR (3-5 mm) (right) images of a living room. (Courtesy
Figure2.19 Thermal image of unmarked graves. (CourtesyofGaryJ.Weil,Entech
Here are some examples of industrial applications for thermal imaging technology.
Figure 2.20 has VIS and MWIR images of a car's heated seat. Thermal imaging is
applied to a multitude of automotive systems evaluations, since many parts of an
automobile operate at temperatures above or below the ambient temperature.
The top image in Fig. 2.21 is a visible-light image of a transformer bank. The
bottom image in Fig. 2.21 is an MWIR image of a similar bank of transformers.
The heating caused by an electrical load is apparent, as indicated by the rainbow
pseudocolor. The right transformer is being loaded more than the other two, from
the looks of it.
The transformers above are an example of a good application for thermal
imaging for predictive maintenance, because, by design, they are hard to reach
from the ground and are energized with high voltage on top, making noncontact
temperature measurements from a distance safer and easier. If one of the
transformers was malfunctioning, it would have a surface temperature that differed
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