Image Processing Reference
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Figure2.12 Cooled MWIR (3-5 mm) camera. (CourtesyofFLIR)
visible light; it looks like a mirrored surface to the eye. Figure 2.13 shows a rough
block diagram of the camera's insides; the image-processing electronics generates
standard analog video signals as well as digital video data.
One of the most exciting developments in the history of thermal imaging camera
technology was the uncooled IR FPA. These detector arrays do not need to be
cooled to cryogenic temperatures to operate; they need only be stabilized at
temperatures near ambient (25 Cor77 F) or, more recently, operated without
any temperature control at all. Uncooled imaging cameras were an optional feature
in Year 2000 Cadillac Sevilles as part of a night-driving system that projects a
Figure2.13 Block diagram of a cooled MWIR (3-5 mm) camera.
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