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The atmosphere and sky have interesting optical properties in the near-IR and near-
UV bands. These properties are highly influenced by aerosols and various gases in
the air path, especially at ranges greater than several kilometers. Marine haze is an
obscurant to visible light, as shown in Fig. 1.40, which are VIS and SWIR images
of an oil rig at a range of 47 km. The droplets of water in this type of haze tend to
be on the order of 500 nm across, which means that they scatter visible light quite
strongly. The SWIR image shows much greater detail and contrast by comparison,
and the flare flame on the rig can be seen clearly. This flare is a way to treat noxious
gaseous by-products of the drilling process.
Figure1.40 Top-VIS image of oil rig at 47 km range. Bottom-SWIR (950-1700 nm)
image. (Courtesy of FLIR)
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