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Figure1.23 Mahogany veneer with well-done repair: left—VIS; right—780-1100 nm.
Figure1.24 (a) Airborne Laser Test Bed in flight; (b) SWIR aiming and focusing optics on
the nose of the ALTB; (c) SWIR image of ALTB firing at a Scud missile—the missile is on the
left side of the image; (d) Scud missile mounted on a mobile launcher. Figures 1.24(a)-(c)
courtesy of the Missile Defense Agency.
Figures 1.24a and 1.24b show the ABL plane and a close-up of the laser focusing
optics. Figure 1.24c shows a frame from a SWIR video of the engagement. The
target on the left of the image is a Scud missile (see Fig. 1.24d) that was destroyed
several minutes after takeoff; the plane is on the right side with the laser beam
making contact with both objects. Further details such as the engagement range
and laser power have not been released publically.
The idea behind this system posits that the laser heats the surface of a missile
in flight until structural failure occurs. The heat distorts the metal aerodynamic
surfaces of the missile, making it unstable in flight and leading to its violent
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