Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure4.20 A close-up x-ray CAT scan of Nesperrenub's hands showing various
ornamental rings. (ImagecourtesyofSGI)
Figure4.21 Marijuana concealed behind a false wall in a truck. (CourtesyofAmerican
whole body. Figure 4.22 shows a backscatter x-ray image of a man with multiple
concealed weapons under his clothing. Weapons or other contraband concealed
inside the body cannot be detected by this method. Note that a slight shadow of the
folds of his trouser legs can be seen. Hair is completely absent from this imageā€”its
very low density does not produce a strong backscatter signal. At this time, these
machines are gaining greater adoption for airport security because of problems in
the last few years with terrorists smuggling bombs and explosive materials onto
planes. The real danger is surgically implanted bombs that would be virtually
impossible to detect without a full body transmission x ray of the suspect.
The sky contains many remarkable objects that emit x-ray light through processes
that are extremely dynamic, and many of the more exotic objects in the sky
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