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Figure4.15 Mummy being loaded into CAT scanner. (CourtesyofProf.CliveBaldock)
Figure4.16 CAT-scan front view of a mummy. (CourtesyofProf.CliveBaldock)
the umbilicus, and a winged scarab is over the feet. A four-sided plate covers the
abdominal left flank incision where the liver, stomach, lungs, and intestines had
been removed.
Figure 4.17 is a side view of the mummy showing a cross section of the
casket and the mummy's skull. Special image-processing software reconstructed
the shape of the head and precisely imaged the molars; the software computed
the location of boundaries in three dimensions and generated a surface model.
A forensic odontologist determined Tjentmutengebtiu's age at death as being
between 19 and 23, based on the degree of wear in the molars.
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