Image Processing Reference
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Figure4.9 Shoe-fitting fluoroscope. (CourtesyofDr.PaulFrame)
Figure4.10 Radiograph of a foot in a shoe. (CourtesyofAmericanCollegeofRadiology)
the inherent or perceived hazard of an unshielded x-ray source. Some professional
radiographers have used x-ray imaging for artistic purposes. Figure 4.11 shows a
lily imaged via x rays onto a fine-grain radiographic film used for mammograms.
The energy of the x-ray photons is chosen to give a pleasing contrast in the image.
X-ray photons with too high an energy would pass through the flower with very
little reduction in intensity, making the image very weak. For aesthetic reasons, the
image is a positive one: dark shades of gray represent the densest regions of the
flower, the opposite of how most medical x-ray images are presented.
Today, x-ray imaging and x-ray vision are part of our cultural vernacular, more
than any other invisible-waveband imaging technology (although thermal infrared
imaging has now penetrated the collective consciousness of the public). X: The
Man with X-ray Eyes was a popular movie in the 1950s about a scientist who
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