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Figure4.4 The first radiograph. (CourtesyoftheAmericanCollegeofRadiology)
Figure4.5 Hand of Mihran Kassabian, x-ray martyr. (CourtesyofAmericanCollegeof
wall and the handheld fluoroscope he is using to examine the chest of a gentleman,
and that neither Kassabian nor the subject is wearing any kind of shielding or
protection from the x-ray source.
Doctors were not the only people with an intense interest in x rays. In contrast
to every other waveband of invisible light, x rays were brought to the public's
attention immediately after their discovery. Within a year of Roentgen's discovery,
x-ray studios were popping up that sold bone portraits for home display. An
advertisement for an x-ray studio is shown in Fig. 4.7. These studios were like
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