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And as wireless networks go, 802.11ac (introduced in the AirPort
Extreme, Time Capsule, and MacBook Air models released in June
2013) is faster than 802.11n (used by the previous generation of
Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme, and the most recent version
of the AirPort Express), which in turn is faster than 802.11g (used
by earlier AirPort hardware), which is faster than 802.11b (used by
first-generation AirPort hardware).
Share a Volume
To share a volume on your Mac for the purpose of backups, follow
these steps:
1. Open the Sharing pane of System Preferences.
2. In the list on the left, make sure File Sharing is both checked
and selected.
3. Click the plus button under the Shared Folders list. Select
the volume you want to share and click Add.
4. Click Options. Make sure Share Files and Folders Using AFP is
checked. (Any other checkboxes should be unchecked, unless
you have a specific reason to use them.) Click Done.
5. Make sure each person who will connect to the drive is listed
under Users. To add a user:
a. Click the plus
button at the bottom.
b. Select a name from your Address Book and click Select, or
click New Person to enter a new name.
c. Enter and verify a password for that user, and click Create
Account. Be sure to tell that user the password you entered.
d. In the Users list, set the newly added user's access to Read &
Other users can now connect to your Mac's shared volumes.
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