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Figure 4: Select the number of partitions you want, and set a name
and format for each one, in this view.
7. Repeat Step 6 for each volume.
8. Click Apply; then, in the confirmation dialog that appears, click
Disk Utility sets the partition map scheme, partitions your disk, and
applies the correct format to each partition. (If you have more than one
external drive, repeat all these steps for each one.)
At this point, you may see a dialog like the one in Figure 5 . (If the disk
has more than one volume, the dialog also shows a pop-up menu that
enables you to choose one of them.) If you have decided to use Time
Machine, and you know which volume you want it to use, feel free to
select it and click Use As Backup Disk now. Or, click Decide Later and
wait until you've read Configure and Use Time Machine for details.
And if you don't see this dialog now, don't worry; you can set up Time
Machine later.
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