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Figure 3: In this dialog, choose the partition map scheme you
decided on earlier.
6. Click inside the first partition (initially called “Untitled 1”) to select
it. Enter a name (which you can change later); be sure to use a name
that's different from your usual startup disk. From the Format pop-
up menu, choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled), as shown in
Figure 4 .
Don't worry about any of the other formats in that menu. The
best all-around choice, for all but a handful of computer geeks who
want to do something fairly unusual or risky, is Mac OS Extended
(Journaled), though for Time Machine backups, Mac OS Extended
(Case-sensitive, Journaled) will also work. (Apple sometimes uses
the term HFS+ as a synonym for “Mac OS Extended.”) Note that
unlike the partition map scheme, which affects the whole drive, the
format (or file system)—that is, the manner in which files are stored
on disk—can vary from one volume to another. Therefore you must
be sure to select a format for each partition on your disk.
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